May 5, 2014: Update from American Pain Society Meeting, including Bonica Public Service Award

ACTTION was very active at the annual meeting of the American Pain Society, held in Tampa, Florida from April 30-May 3, 2014. There was a symposium chaired by Dr. Dennis Turk focusing on the activities of the Abuse Liability Evaluation for Research, Treatment, and Training (ALERTT) working group with presentations by Drs. Richard Dart, Bob Rappaport, and Shannon Smith, a presentation on ACTTION’s activities related to analgesic clinical trial assay sensitivity by Dr. Robert Dworkin at the meeting of the Clinical Trials Special Interest Group, two poster presentations by Dr. Jennifer Gewandter, and one poster presentation by Dr. Matthew Hunsinger.

In addition, Drs. Turk and Dworkin received the John and Emma Bonica Public Service Award in recognition of IMMPACT’s "distinguished contributions through public education, dissemination of information, public service, and other efforts to further knowledge about pain." (see award presentation here)