February 22, 2012: FDA Announces a Scientific Workshop on "Assessment of Analgesic Treatment of Chronic Pain"

The FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research has announced a public workshop on the efficacy of analgesics in the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain to be held May 30-31, 2012, at the Natcher Conference Center on the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Maryland

The focus of the presentations and discussions by scientific experts and other stakeholder groups will be on the available clinical data from both randomized clinical trials and other studies of the efficacy of opioid analgesics, and comparison of those data to data from studies of non-opioid analgesics used in the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain. Drs. Robert Dworkin, Michael Rowbotham, and Dennis Turk, Penney Cowan, and other ACTTION key personnel will be serving as presenters, moderators, and panelists at the workshop.

More information is available here.