The mission of the Analgesic, Anesthetic, and Addiction Clinical Trial Translations, Innovations, Opportunities, and Networks (ACTTION) public-private partnership with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is to identify, prioritize, sponsor, coordinate, and promote innovative activities — with a special interest in optimizing clinical trials — that will expedite the discovery and development of improved analgesic, anesthetic, addiction, and peripheral neuropathy treatments for the benefit of the public health.

ACTTION is a multi-year, multi-phase initiative that is closely aligned with the FDA's Critical Path Initiative. This public-private partnership has been designed to streamline the discovery and development process for new analgesic, anesthetic, addiction, and peripheral neuropathy medications and to more generally accelerate the development of treatments with improved efficacy and safety.

The key objectives of ACTTION involve initiating and supporting strategic collaborations among a broad spectrum of stakeholders — including, but not limited to, academia, the FDA and other government agencies, industry, professional organizations, patient advocacy groups, foundations, and philanthropic organizations — with the goals of sharing data and innovative thinking about the development of novel therapeutics. These strategic collaborations involve a wide range of research projects and other activities, for example, scientific workshops, consensus meetings, and in-depth analyses of clinical trial data to determine the effects of research methods on study assay sensitivity and efficiency.

ACTTION is intended to have benefits that are international in scope. To represent the bridges that ACTTION is establishing among its diverse stakeholders, this website is illustrated with watermarks of two bridges that share the distinction of connecting different continents. Directly below is the First Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey, which connects Europe and Asia; on the Contact Us webpage is the Leifur Eiriksson Bridge in Iceland's Reykjanes peninsula, which spans a rift valley between the North American and European continental plates.


September 13, 2016: ACTTION Receives Second 5-Year Cooperative Agreement from FDA

ACTTION is very pleased to announce that it has been awarded a second 5 years of funding from the FDA. The award is for up to a maximum of $4,000,000 to support ACTTION’s ongoing and planned efforts to expedite the discovery and development of improved analgesic, anesthetic, addiction, and peripheral neuropathy treatments for the benefit of the public health.

September 1, 2016: Journal of Pain Supplement Published Describing ACTTION-APS Pain Taxonomy

A supplement describing the ACTTION-American Pain Society Pain Taxonomy (AAPT) for chronic pain has been published in the Journal of Pain. The supplement consists of 8 articles describing the AAPT multidimensional framework and taxonomy. A paper copy has been distributed to all APS members and journal subscribers, and the 8 articles are available on an open-access basis here.

August 10, 2016: ACTTION Presentation at World Congress on Pain

Shannon Smith, PhD, ACTTION Assistant Director, will be presenting a talk on "Assessing pain intensity in analgesic clinical trials: ACTTION recommendations" as part of a Topical Workshop on "Critical appraisal of current recommendations for the assessment and treatment of chronic pain" at the 16th World Congress on Pain in Yokohama, Japan on September 28. Her presentation will focus on how the validity of pain intensity ratings can be improved by training study participants, and she will also discuss the results of meta-analyses comparing the assay sensitivity of ratings of average and worst pain intensity in clinical trials.